Infinity Leads FCHEA Aviation Session at FCHEA’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Seminar

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Here are the take-aways from today’s session with the “Aviation” Innovators – Disruptors – Provocateurs – Transformers & Visionaries who inspired nearly 200 attendees to shift paradigms from current infrastructure, transportation, human exploration models to advanced research, transitional hydrogen fuels, electric\fuel cell drive aircraft engines – on global aircraft platforms and human crewed air -independent fuel cell power systems for space vehicles, habitats and lunar rovers.
Airbus Operations GmbH – The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) is the fuel cell type with the lowest entropy production and thus the highest efficiency potential in combination with a gas-turbine e.g. An electrical efficiency of 60-70% for aviation applications for hydrogen as well as for hydrocarbon-based fuels seem realistic. “Dr. Pedro Nehter, Fuel Cell Scientist”
Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc. – NASA has funded Infinity under an STMD Tipping Point program to advance the TRL of Infinity’s Fuel Cell technology. The success of this mission is leveraging the advance in PEM Fuel Cell technology for future manned space and lunar missions. “William Smith, CEO”
Life Cycle Associates – Hydrogen is an integral part of all the fuel production routes, where hydrogen boosting will reduce the carbon intensity while also having a profound effect on the production of more fuel. “Kathleen Dailey Business Development Engineer”
ZeroAvia – We are taking bold measured steps to develop hydrogen electric aviation power plants for carbon free flight of the future. Fuel cells and hydrogen are key enablers to help achieve zero-emission aviation. “Rudolf Coertze”
Zev Station – Airports hold great potential to become “Anchors” of the Hydrogen Economy for both aircraft and ground vehicles (off highway). The Vertical Flight Society H2 Aero Team created a whitepaper with the thesis of starting an Airport Hub in (2) stages. Ground vehicle stations w small take-off airports. Adaptable with demand to grow into a Hub to support both vehicles and aircraft. “Jesse Schneider, CEO” #infrastructure #airports Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) #2023Seminar Airbus Infinity Fuel Cell & Hydrogen, Inc.™ Kathleen Dailey ZEV Station

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