Fuel Cell Power

Infinity’s core technology for fuel cells, electrolyzers, and regenerative systems is Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology. The technology employs a solid polymer membrane as the system electrolyte. This unique material works like battery acid but is inert and safe to touch while functioning to transport hydrogen ions or protons to enable either electrolysis or fuel cell reactions.

XPS Extreme Power System

Infinity’s award-winning Advanced Passive Water Removal (APWR) fuel cells are a major breakthrough in air-independent fuel cell design and performance. Passive water removal enabled NASA to fit a compact and simple balance of plant directly to the cell stack end plates. Each of the patented all-metal bonded cells in this stack has four integrated chambers joined into a single leak-tight assembly.


  • Air independent
  • Metal bonded cell structures
  • Internal humidification
  • Integrated degasification
  • Embedded inert purging


  • Zero gravity design
  • Works in any orientation
  • Minimal balance of plant required
  • Low parasitic losses
  • Long life

XPSL Extreme Power System Lightweight

Infinity’s newest power solution builds upon the achievements of the standard XPS series while reducing overall mass and volume. Able to run on air or oxygen, this fuel cell stack is built for extreme applications requiring high power output and ease of integration.


  • Bonded monolithic assembly
  • Integrated balance of plant
  • Decoupled energy storage


  • Scalable power output
  • Modular package format
  • Flexible product integration
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