Regenerative Energy

When combining electrolysis and fuel cell modes within the same system the PEM process becomes regenerative. Adding renewable power input to the electrolysis process makes the entire system sustainable.

XStorra® Extreme Energy Storage and Power Delivery

Infinity’s XSTORRA® Regenerative Fuel Cell System combines power generation and energy storage for remote locations. This system consists of one module housing a hydraulically actuated fold-out solar array and a second module containing a hydrogen generator, fuel cell, and hydrogen storage.

The solar array produces 5 kW of power output while leveraging excess solar power production to generate hydrogen via electrolysis. This hydrogen is stored for later use in the fuel cell, providing 5 kW of power during cloudy or nighttime periods.

In addition to providing stored energy to the fuel cell, hydrogen can be utilized for automotive refueling/recharging as well as refilling hydrogen powered drones. The only input to the system is power and water.


  • 5 kW of solar output
  • 18 panels hydraulically deployed in 15 minutes
  • 5 kW fuel cell
  • 30 kWh of energy storage
  • Integrated hydrogen refueling
  • Humvee-towable packages
  • Other packaging options available


  • Reduced fuel transport risk and cost
  • Low thermal and acoustic signatures during operation
  • Forward area deployment for military applications
  • Civilian distribution potential for disaster recovery
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