Air Independent

The ability to operate in an environment without available air drives the need for pure oxygen consumption by the fuel cell. Infinity’s team has a long history with “oxygen-breathing” fuel cells and the complexities of these designs. Our novel four chamber design packs a lot of power production potential in a small package.

Each of the chambers in Infinity’s fuel cell bipolar plate assemblies serves a unique fluid or gas stream and are arranged in series: Hydrogen – Coolant – Water – Oxygen. Each of these bipolar plates is placed on either side of a Membrane and Electrode Assembly (MEA) to produce a stack of individual cells, each producing a voltage that, when multiplied across the full stack, yields a total output voltage for the application.

Infinity’s bipolar plates are made up of many thin stainless steel or titanium sheets, both solid and screened, which are diffusion bonded together to form a strong and durable arrangement capable of high pressure operation when needed.

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