Non Flow Through

A fuel cell will consume input reactants as long as the electrochemical reaction can be satisfied. When too little reactant flows to each cell in a fuel cell stack the result is limited power output. When too much reactant flows into each cell the unutilized reactant will exit each cell and ultimately the entire stack. This balance of reactant to utilization, known as the stoichiometric rate, is a primary factor in determining overall operating efficiency of a fuel cell system.


Infinity’s fuel cell systems for air independent environments operate as close as possible to a stoichiometry of one, allowing a near 100% utilization of hydrogen and oxygen. The reactants are never allowed to exit the fuel cell stack and instead are almost completely consumed in the electrochemical reaction that takes place in each cell.

To accomplish this high utilization of hydrogen and oxygen Infinity has designed fuel cell stacks employing internal de-gasification of exiting reactant and internal humidification of incoming reactants. A novel scheme for minimizing venting of reactant during operation completes this highly efficient design, capable of operation in varying environments and orientations.

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