Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc. Granted German Patent for “Electrochemical Cell with Improved Water or Gas Management”

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(March 27, 2023) Windsor, CT, USA—Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc. today announced it has been granted  German patent # DE 11 2012 005 583 T5 for its proprietary design with application to hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzers.  This patent focuses on passive and orientation independent means of meeting a key design requirement of water/gas separation within electrochemical cells.  It can benefit both air independent fuel cells and hydrogen-air fuel cells as well as electrolysis cells. The patented approach has the potential to simplify the operation of fuel cells and electrolyzers for use in a variety of transportation applications including in space, underwater and aircraft.

This technology previously received a U.S patent and is one of the cornerstones of Infinity’s air-independent fuel cell and electrolyzer designs.

Rick Mullins Infinity director of business development, pointed to the company’s budding global exposure, saying “the issuing of this patent  opens greater international market supply chain opportunities.”

About Infinity: Founded in 2002, Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc. is a market leader in the design and manufacture of air-independent, zero-gravity electrochemical systems including fuel cell systems for space and underwater applications. Infinity is also developing electrolysis technologies that can generate hydrogen and oxygen directly at 2000 psi and above.

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