Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.™ receives $600K+ add-on contract from NASA Glenn Research Center

(Windsor, CT, USA.  April 5, 2022)—Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc., ™ a global leader in hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzers for aerospace applications, today announced signing of a contract add-on with NASA Glenn Research Center.

The funds, in excess of will be dedicated to the continued testing of Infinity’s zero-gravity, air-independent fuel cells being developed expressly for use in a lunar regenerative fuel cell system.  The system will be designed to power a base through the 14-earthday long lunar night.

“Infinity has been developing our patented air-independent fuel cell technology, in partnership with NASA for over 15 years.  This program represents a major step toward mission deployment of these systems,” said Bill Smith, Infinity’s CEO and founder.

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