William Shatner joins Infinity® Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc., as a Brand Ambassador & Advisory Board Member


Photo by Manfred Baumann

Windsor, CT, July 2, 2024

William Shatner of Melis Productions, Inc. has joined Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen as an Advisor* to share his experience in the extreme environments of a Blue Origin New Shepard space flight, and act as an advocate for reducing earth’s carbon footprint and building a sustainable planet.

From Mr. Shatner:

“From the edge of space, I witnessed both Earth’s fragility and the need to provide it with sustainable solutions. Fuel cells and Electrolyzers, such as those produced by Infinity Fuel Cell & Hydrogen, offer a promising path towards meeting a variety of crucial energy needs. In many ways, the positive trends in today’s renewable energy market represent a silent revolution that can power our journey to the stars, while preserving the very planet that has allowed mankind to evolve towards dreaming its current dreams.”

William Smith, Infinity’s CEO stated: “Infinity is excited to have Mr. Shatner join our team. His global voice will command attention to our common mission to improve the future of humankind, and communicate how Infinity’s solutions for space, aviation, land, and marine markets will help lead the way using green hydrogen.”

Learn more about Infinity on its web site: infinityfuel.com

Contact: Rick Mullins Director Business Development & Investor Relations, rmullins@infinityfuel.com +1 (860) 688-6500

*Section 17(b) disclosure. Mr. Shatner is compensated as an Infinity advisor at $10K/month. He also has received options to purchase up to 100K shares vesting over 9 months at an $8.00/share strike price.
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