Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.’s Principal Engineer on AMPES Tipping-Point Program Receives NASA Recognition

(Windsor, CT, July 26, 2023)—Infinity® Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc. today proudly announces receipt of a NASA award of recognition presented to our principal engineer, Max Aronow. Max is the lead engineer on the AMPES (Advanced Modular Power and Energy System) project.

In presenting the award to Infinity,  Koorosh Araghi, Director of Fuel Cell Initiatives at NASA Johnson Space Center congratulated Max on his leadership in the project.

Infinity’s CEO and founder, William F. Smith, appreciated NASA’s recognition of Max’s contributions to the program.

About Infinity: Founded in 2002, Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc. is a market leader in the design and manufacture of air-independent, zero-gravity electrochemical systems including fuel cell systems for space and underwater applications. Infinity also has electrolysis technology that can generate hydrogen and oxygen directly at 2000 psi and above.

About NASA Tipping Point grants: Through the Tipping Point Announcement for Partnership proposals, NASA seeks industry-developed space technologies that can foster the development of commercial space capabilities and benefit future NASA missions. A technology is considered at a tipping point if an investment in a demonstration will significantly mature the technology, increase the likelihood of infusion into a commercial space application, and bring the technology to market for both government and commercial applications.

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