Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc. Receives $900K Add-On to Existing Project from Axiom Space

November 30, 2021 (WINDSOR, CT) — Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc.,™ today announced execution of an agreement with Axiom Space to add $900,000 funding to an existing project. The money is earmarked to produce a full-scale prototype of a specific Infinity™ technology that has been under development for Axiom since last year.

Infinity™ continues to be a supplier of choice for its various patented and proprietary technologies applicable to electrolyzers and air-independent fuel cells for zero-gravity applications in space. Infinity’s™ air-independent fuel-cell design is also applicable for underwater use and is currently being tested for such in a contract with the Office of Naval Research.

Infinity™ president and founder, William F. Smith, said, “As the space commerce industry continues to grow, we are growing with it.

“Axiom Space is one of three commercial space companies we are currently working with, in addition to NASA,” he added.

About Infinity:  Founded in 2002, Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc. is a market leader in the design and manufacture of air-independent, zero-gravity electrochemical systems including fuel cell systems for space and underwater applications. Infinity is also developing electrolysis technologies that can generate hydrogen and oxygen directly at 2000 psi and above.

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